MACIS is a secretariat of an extensive network of health-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) that are involved in malaria and maternal-child health programming in Uganda. Our mission is to provide sustainable leadership to CSOs nationwide in the coordination and promotion of Ministry of Health recommended interventions, as well as advocate for evidence-based practices and health policies at all levels.

MACIS was formed in 2003 and its members include international and national NGOs, as well as community based organizations (CBOs) working on malaria and childhood illnesses. In 2009, MACIS expanded its scope to include maternal health issues. MACIS was awarded a prize of excellent performance by Uganda’s Ministry of Health in 2010.

Our Values

Partnership: We believe in linkages and participatory collaborations with all actors

Evidence-based practice: We believe in evidence-based practices and interventions

Innovation: We believe in innovative ideas and novel approaches for continuous improvement

Transparency and accountability: We also believe in integrity, transparency and accountability in all actions taken


As a result of its important work done over the years, MACIS has gained credibility among NGOs, CBOs, Ministry of Health and several development partners. MACIS is currently working or has in the past worked in partnership with the following organisations among others:

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