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Malaria and Childhood Illness
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MACIS is a secretariat of an extensive network of health-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) that are involved in malaria and maternal-child health programming in Uganda. Our mission is to provide sustainable leadership to CSOs nationwide in the coordination and promotion of Ministry of Health recommended interventions, as well as advocate for evidence-based practices and health policies at all levels...Read More



Drug-resistant Malaria could spread to Africa: study

A drug-resistant malaria parasite from southeast Asia can infect African mosquitoes, boosting fears that a hard to cure variant of the disease could reach the world's most vulnerable continent.
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Health ministry gets immunization equipment

In a bid to extend effective immunization services in different parts of the country, the government of Uganda has received new immunization equipment to promote the exercise.
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Measles outbreak reported in Ibanda

According to Ibanda District Director of Health Services,Dr Julius Bamwine,the outbreak has been confirmed in the sub-counties of Ishongorero,Nyabuhikye,Kashangura,Bisheeshe,Nsasi among others.
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Shift in vaccine use needed to eradicate polio: WHO experts

GENEVA - A World Health Organization expert panel called Friday for a shift in the kinds of vaccines used to fight polio, insisting full eradication of the crippling disease is within reach.
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Welcome to the Uganda Civil Society Immunization Platform!

We are excited to present this dedicated virtual platform, to everyone interested in ensuring that every last child in our country and communities is fully immunized. . Read more 

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